On a trip to Mexico a few years ago, I found a few things strange compared to usually the UK people complained about at home and if they went to Mexico they would find the situation worse. But it is something the locals in Mexico don’t complain about and just carry on with their life as best as they could.

The place we stayed for the duration of the trip was a place called Tequisquiapan, north of Mexico City by about three hour’s drive. It is a lovely little place of course, not your usual tourist place to stay in Mexico. The reason we decided to stay there was that we had relations which we were going to stay with during the holiday.

So below are the things that I found with Mexico and hopefully will act as a little reminder for you lot thinking about travelling to Mexico (don’t get me wrong it is a lovely place and these are just a personal account);

  • Toilets (paying, free, not stocked up, toilet seats, tissue paper – also outside the cubicle)
  • Roads (dirt tracks, potholes, good roads then lead to nothing, good to bad, no markings, bendy)
  • Driving (no practical driving test only online, anyone can drive any car with permission, use of hazards lights, moves out, persons per car, faster speeds, more accidents)
  • Tap Water (not allowed to drink, ok for showers etc)
  • Eating Out (be careful where to eat, good and bad places)
  • Animals ie dogs (many pets, dogs on streets, dog pound, breed a lot, hungry after food a lot of times, don’t get bitten by them)
  • Prices (cheaper for coke and water but use a lot more)